5 Fitness Trends To Try This Fall

At CORE, we’re all about going against the status quo. Working out is more than just dumbbells and running on a treadmill – we want to try it all and then some! Mixing up the way your body moves is one of the best ways to stay motivated.

We’ve lined up 5 fitness trends we can’t wait to try this fall. As the season changes, we’re ready to keep it fresh and new.

1) Wanderlust Hollywood (Los Angeles, CA)
All-inclusive wellness studios are all the rage right now. Ever feel like you’re craving a plant-based lunch after that hot yoga class? L.A. is setting the bar with their new wellness center: Wanderlust Hollywood. This wellness studio boasts yoga and meditation rooms, a café, spa, jade-stone therapy, and more. The co-founder believes that those who are interested in one, will likely be interested in the other. There has been much chatter about NYC opening similar wellness-themed centers, so keep your eyes peeled!


2) Barry’s Bootcamp (California, New York, Florida, Massachusetts & Tennessee)
Sure, bootcamp classes have been around for quite some time, but Barry’s Bootcamp delivers a mind & body experience like no other. There is a reason why Barry’s Bootcamp has been picked up by A-list celebrities, models and Olympic athletes all around the world. Barry’s signature workouts are 1-hour long and incorporate 25-30 minutes of strength training and another 25-30 minutes of interval cardiovascular treadmill work. You will be utilizing a variety of different pieces of equipment and shocking your muscles each time you work out.


3) The Class (NYC & Los Angeles, CA)
The Class can be described as a “cathartic mind-body experience”. What does that mean? Well, you will be activating motionless “layers” in your body where there lies: stress, tension and plenty of emotion. You will be using sound to break these layers open, as well as plenty of shaking, pulsing and bouncing. The challenging movements required in these classes create contractions and in turn, releases that cleanse you of life-long emotional habits that have been stored in your bodies. Your system will be flushed and urged to create new space for positive changes. Think that sounds intriguing? We agree!


4) Platefit (West Hollywood & Brentwood, CA)
Think it’s time to utilize technology that was initially created to be used by cosmonauts? Whole body vibration was first used to combat muscle and bone loss caused by extended stays in zero gravity. However, it has been transformed into a new workout must-have sensation: the power plate. Power Plate has been linked to a wide range of health and wellness benefits, from strength, balance, flexibility and weight loss to improved circulation. We’re all in for space-age technology.


5) House of Movement (Miami, FL)
Get this: A 1920’s Brickell mansion was completely transformed into your new wellness sanctuary. Imagine a huge and welcoming home existing for the very purpose of improving your overall well-being for your mind, body and spirit. The House of Movement is a combination of intense pilates, incorporating principles of dance, yoga, tai chi and swimming. There are movements you’ve never thought of doing before such as using a jumping stretching board, a gyrotoner and a pulley tower. We’ll see you there.