At The Core: Juliana Goldman of Terez

Ever been to a group fitness class where you just have got to ask the girl in front of you “where did you get those leggings!?” Us too, which was the introduction to NYC’s athleisure brand, Terez. Vibrant, fun, and always pushing the status quo – the Terez look is the new wave in athleisure – standing out amongst a sea of all black everything.

What’s no surprise is that the team at Terez is just as vibrant as their clothing. We sat down with the multi-talented, girl-boss PR Director at Terez, Juliana Goldman, to get the scoop on what it takes to run public relations for one of our favorite athleisure brands in the city that never sleeps.


If you haven’t heard of Terez…

“Terez is a line of women’s activewear, girl’s and kid’s apparel and accessories. We seek to exude positivity, authenticity and happiness through our unique photo-real designs. Everything we do here is to promote freedom of expression through fashion. We’re known for our partnerships — Black Tap, Dylan’s Candy Bar and of course our monthly leggings with SoulCycle, to name a few. Giving back is very important at Terez, we partnered with Stand Up 2 Cancer on a legging this past September; a percentage of the proceeds from sales are donated to support their mission to raise funds to accelerate the pace of groundbreaking transnational cancer research. Terez is a really special place to work and I’m so proud to be a part of the journey! “


On a day in the life as Terez’s Director of PR…

“Without an alarm, I’m up everyday at 6:30 AM. I read the news each morning, check email and give Instagram a scroll. I’ll get ready for work, grab myself a liter bottle of CORE, pick up coffee (trying to make the switch to tea lately) and then its go time at Terez. My days are hard to define because they’re never the same but always very interesting. Lots of meetings and also a lot of fun. I’m lucky to work with some of the most creative minds, which is my favorite part about my job. I love my work family. I usually incorporate my daily sweat in after work versus the morning. Depending on what’s going on that night, I could be out at an event or home reading and going to sleep early. The latter is more likely!”


The journey to Terez…

“I’m very passionate about three things — fashion, fitness and my job! When I met the founders of Terez, I knew right away that I had to work here. Not only was I obsessed with the clothes, but the company culture really drew me in. I worked in the agency world for many years, so it was a big decision for me to leave that behind and work with one brand. I’ve had the privilege of working with a variety of brands in an array of categories – everything from hospitality brands, fashion, beauty to dating apps – ultimately, all of the experiences that led up to this point have allowed me to grow and I wouldn’t be where I am without them. “

On working towards a Perfectly Balanced way of life…

“It’s a constant juggle, but I’m equipped for it. I find the best way to have a social life and stay fit/healthy is to combine them — aka Sweatworking! There used to be a time where I’d run myself into the ground — hitting every single event, multiple post work meetings, it can be taxing to say the least. I realized the one thing I was neglecting was time for myself. I’ve learned to make downtime a priority now. I got over the whole idea of #FOMO pretty fast.”


All about the good vibes at #LinkedNotRanked…

#LinkedNotRanked is the brainchild of our founders, Zara and Amanda along with the inspiring women behind SatiLife, Natalia Petrzela and Patricia Moreno. It’s an event series that’s been created to celebrate female camaraderie amongst the fitness and wellness communities. I’ve had the pleasure of being a part of two of the four events so far — every time feeling seriously inspired by my peers. Every event consists of a sweat session led by a different fitness professional; for the most recent event in New York, we had Taryn Toomey of The Class and before that in Los Angeles with Lacey Stone, who are both such incredibly strong women. Our mission is simple — and that’s to create a space where we can all unite under one roof and celebrate one another and our joint devotion to the fitness community. Imagine a room filled with beautiful souls and colorful leggings, you’re flooded with positive vibes and endorphins!”

On switching it up in NYC’s wellness culture…

“I try to challenge myself as much as possible — not only physically, but mentally. My routine reflects that. I attempt to leave my comfort zone and try different work-outs outside of my all time favorites – SoulCycle, SLT, The Bari Studio and boxing! So if you ever see me in a dance class, that’s me leaving my comfort zone. That’s what actually ends up bringing me the most satisfaction. For wellness and recovery, I’ve recently tried out higherDOSE infrared saunas and I’m hooked.”


The latest and greatest at Terez…

“We launched our Everyday Essentials collection this month, which everyone’s super excited about. It’s still the same fabric and fit, but with a heathered illusion print. These are great for those that love the Terez fabric but tend to shy away from colorful prints. Other than that, there’s always newness at Terez, so best to follow @terez on Instagram to stay in the know.”


Human to the CORE…

“The most important thing at the end of the day is keeping it real. Not one person on this earth is perfect and accepting yourself, flaws and all, enables you to truly grow. Self love is very important to me.”


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