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Us Weekly: Madonna Biking with CORE Organic

Us Weekly: Madonna Biking with CORE Organic

Star Magazine: Stay Hydrated with CORE Organic

Star Magazine: Stay Hydrated with CORE Organic

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Breakout Brands: Healthy to the Core

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Summer Must-Have: Beat The Heat With CORE Hydration!

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Mischa Barton Leaves Dancing With The Stars Drinking CORE water


J-14 Magazine- Win a CORE Yoga Mat signed by Becky G


People Magazine- Marla Maples Steps Out of the Gym with CORE


Glamour Magazine – Give Your Fitness Routine a Spring Cleaning With the Tone It Up Girls


US Weekly New Years Resolution- Drink More Water

US Weekly 12.22.15

What’s In My Gym Bag- Karena and Katrina of Tone It Up


Hydration Mistakes

hydration mistakes

Healthy Airport Food Does Exist! 5 Options to Snack On / Rania Batayneh / Staying hydrated allows you to better sense your hunger, so you can say “no, thank you” to the candy coming down the aisles. Because of low airplane humidity, dehydration can set in and make jet lag even more unwelcome -- giving you all the more reason to drink up on your flight. I love Core Hydration water -- not only does it taste crisp and clean, but the contoured bottles are perfect for on-the-go travel. This water is ultrapurified and balanced with electrolytes and minerals to help your body maintain its natural pH balance of 7.4... Read More

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12 Convenient grocery store foods that are actually good for you / / When we think electrolytes, the first thing that comes to mind is usually sugar-laden or artificially sweetened sports beverages. Whether we are hydrating or rehydrating, water is my recommendation. The reason why: no calories. However, when we are on the go, we inevitably travel with bottled water. Buyer beware, not all bottled waters are created alike! The body's natural pH is 7.4 and so is the pH of CORE Hydration water, so it works in harmony with your body. One thing I like about CORE is that it has a clean and crisp taste, and I love the packaging; the bottle is contoured to fit into your hand so it is perfect for when you are active or on the go! Also, the blue top can act like a cup that my son can drink out of when we are at the park or out and about....  Read More

Healthy Snacks for Road Trips

Healthy Snacks for Road Trips

Tech tools to train for a marathon

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